Pipe Cutting Beveling Track Torch Cutter
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Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Track Torch Cutter

  • These torches are very well made. We have been to many factories and handled many similar products but this one tops them all.
    Many of the units out there that do the same job look very similar to eachother.
    However, ones you get them into the shop you need a real working equipment,
    not a unit that keeps the owner working its repairs more then working with it.
    We have been there too many times!
    Not with this unit, Hook it up and start cutting! (After you get through reading the directions).
  • We Test each and every machine on a 16 inch pipe.
    We will send you pictures of your machine with test results on the pipe.
    When you get the machine you will have no doubts about the abilities of this unit.
  • This will cut a pipe sizes from 4 pipe to 36 diameter with the track chain provided.
    Comes with 10' of Chain.
    If needed we have extra in stock at $8.50'.
  • These units have a clutch system, so you can free-wheal around the pipe during preheating or setting up, which saves quiet a bit of time.
    On 12" pipe, we have had customers tell us these are dead nuts on.
    On 16" pipe we measured just a touch less than 1/16" off.
  • Simple to Operate and Fast Set Up Time.
  • Nice bearings in the wheels, nice machine finish, nicely polished unit and a good fit.
  • Lightweight, Portable, yet well made and very strong.
  • You can straight cut or bevel cut up to 45 degrees.
  • These machines use standard Airco Style Tips, which are very easy to locate in most local supply stores including Graingers.
    Extra set of 3 tips can be purchased through our store at $20.00

  • You can use Natural Gas, Propane, Mapp or Acetylene Gas with the right tips.
  • No electricity required to operate the unit.


Description SKU # Price
Track Torch Cutter sku-1 $695.00
Track Chain sku-2 $8.50
Set of 3 tips sku-3 $20.00

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